Sacred Geometry

for your brand

Sacred Geometry

for your brand

What I Do

Brand Analytics

Either you want to start new bussines or reconsider existing, you need to have a Brand Analytics done. In the result you will get a brand strategy - the fundament of any next actions.

Brand Consulting

I'm providing Brand Consulting to give to my client an opportunity to see all the ways for their business improvement.
You'll learn is your existing brand up to date or which specific style is better to use for your new logo.


When all analytics and preparations are done, the brand has to be created. Depending on the tasks and goals, a unique solution will be found for your project.


When you are planning to get your company's website done, you don't know what to start with. In this case I can help you with structuring all information that has to be displayed on it.


Web design and web developement are so closely intertwined, that the best solution is when both of them are done by one professional (if you are lucky to find such).


When the website is online, work on it should never stop - improvement - both technical and from the interface must be carried out regularly.



About Me

My name is Ruslan. I am a designer.
In fact, my hobbies is not limited to the design. My view of the world formed by a number of interests: art, philosophy, history, geography, psychology, consciousness.

In my work I use sacred geometry and the golden ratio. The result of my work is to appeal to the unconscious. I do not use the banal ideas and don't follow outdated stereotypes. The result of his work, I called ан Eenergy design.

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